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Denmark keeps semifinal hopes alive after winning against Spain

In very exciting match Denmark won over Spain 25:24 (11:13). Denmark now still has a chance for semifinal.

Beginning of the match was very tight. Neither Spain nor Denmark managed to get in lead. But after 15 minutes Spain finally took two goal lead which they kept until the end of first half.

Denmark was putting a lot of pressure on Spain. It took them ten minutes to equalize. They also took one goal lead and after that match was played goal for goal. However, Denmark used few mistakes Spain made and minute and a half before the end they were leading with two goals (25:23). Denmark survived last Spanish attack and

Spain’s best player was Killian Ramirez and in Danish team award was given to Victor Bang.


Daniel Sanchez Nieves Fernandes, ESP (coach)

“I think that the fact that we were leading after first half put a lot of pressure on the players. They didn’t manage to break the game and Denmark used that opportunity to make match equal. We were down one goal in the last minute affected our nerves and I think that is the reason why we lost and also Denmark did really well today.”

Killian Ramirez, ESP (player)

“We had our chances and we were leading after first half. Later on we couldn’t do it. We started making a lot of mistakes and didn’t break the game when we could and in the end Denmark was better.”

Stefan Madsen, DEN (coach)

“We talked a lot about hard work. Today boys showed that they are made of something special. We are satisfied that we have seen that in one game. Important thing for us is to get as much energy as possible. Tomorrow is going to be just as hard as it was today. We are satisfied but we know we haven’t done anything yet. We have a lot of hard work in front of us but we are glad that we showed we can play such matches as well.”

Victor Bang, DEN (player)

“I think that we fought good throughout whole match. It was really hard match, Spaniards were good. We did our best and won in the end. Key to our win was that we were fighting all the time and it worked.”

Main Round, Group I, 1. round

Spain – Denmark 24:25 (13:11)

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