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Russia tops Intermediate Group I after win over Switzerland

Russia will play for 9th-12th position at EHF M18 EURO 2016. In last match of Intermediate Round Group 1 they won 28:24 (13:12) against Switzerland.

Switzerland started better and had 6:3 lead but shortly Russia took the lead with four goals in a row (7:6). Switzerland was on their tails but Russia managed to keep one goal advantage at the half time break.

After few minutes in second half result was a tie but Russia stepped up and got in four goal lead. They managed to keep the lead until the and of the match.

Russia’s best player was Fedor Selin and in Swiss team award was given to Jonas Schelker.


Yuri Zaitsev, RUS (coach)

“Self-confidence is growing in my team. As we go from match to match we play better. They are a bit unexperienced because they lack competitions. This is amazing team but we had a lot of mistakes and turnovers which is normal for young players.”

Fedor Selin, RUS (player)

“We played superb match. We played as a team, everyone played great. Switzerland was tough opponent but we managed to win. We all played at our maximum level. Coach had great tactics for this match.”

Peter Nico, SUI (coach)

“We tried a lot and I think we didn’t play bad at all. Our defense together with goalkeepers is not on the top 12 level now and we have to accept that. We fight a lot, team has good spirit and I think players do their best but at the moment I think it’s not enough. We need to go home, do our homework and than come back.”

Jonas Schelker, SUI (player)

“We gave our best but it just wasn’t enough. We had too many 2 minute suspensions and that is one of the key reasons why we lost. However, we still need to play few matches and I hope we will win.”

Intermediate Round, Group I, 2. round

Russia – Switzerland 28:24 (13:12)

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