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Russia catches last train for World Championship with win over Norway

Russia is last team to qualify for World Championship next year after second win over Norway. Result was 27:18 (14:8).

Norwegians wanted revenge but they couldn’t do it. Russia was better from the beginning. They had big six goal lead after first half. Russian goalkeeper was also big problem for Norwegians..

In second half Norway reduced gap to four goals but didn’t manage do to more than that. Ten minutes before the end Russia had seven goal advantage which secured them win.


Yuri Zaitsev, RUS (coach)

“Everything is now finished. I’m under a lot of impression because this was nice championship, beautiful country and city of Zagreb. Organisation was great and everything finished in a nice way. For us as well because we won. This is nice start for this team and all in all we are satisfied how boys played.”

Victor Dolinin, RUS (player)

“I’m best player for the third time. I’m really grateful to the coach who gives me instructions all the time. We always try to play the way our coach advises but today we finally managed to do everything. I’m really happy that I’m the best for the third time.”

Anstein Engravslia, NOR (coach)

“We are disappointed because we didn’t qualify for World Championship. Defense wasn’t working again today and we missed a lot.”

Vetle Roennungen, NOR (player)

“I don’t think it was our day today. I don’t really know what the problem was. We didn’t play on a level we were supposed to play. Everything showed on the court.”

Placement matches, match for 11th place

Russia – Norway 27:18 (14:8)

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