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Germany takes bronze medal after extra time at EHF M18 EURO 2016

In great fight as it should be for medal, Germany won 32:31 (12:9) against Slovenia after extra time and took bronze medal at EHF M18 EURO 2016 in Croatia.

Beginning of the match was very tight and even. Slovenia managed to snatch two goal lead after 15 minutes of play. Shortly after Germany got two back to back suspensions, Slovenia used that and doubled their lead (9:5). They managed to keep lead until the end of first half.

Germany was pressuring Slovenia but they only managed to reduce the gap to two goals. Slovenians stepped up again and took six goal lead 12 minutes before final whistle. Unfortunately for Slovenians, Germany did not surrender. They managed to catch six goal deficite so match went to extra time.

In extra-time Slovenia few times had a chance to finish the match but Germany always managed to equalize. In second extra-time Germany finally broke Slovenians and won after 80 minutes of play.


Jochen Beppler, GER (coach)

“I cannot believe what happened today, nearly same story like on friday. I have to say thank you and congratulations to my team for fighting back after being six goals down. Also congratulations to Slovenia, they have a very good team. Today luck was on our side. What I always say, daily performance and luck decide when top six teams play.”

Gregor Remke, GER (player)

“It was hardest 80 minutes I ever played. We survived and in the end had a lucky punch . Second extra time was good. We are just happy and enjoying this final win against Slovenia. We are celebrating and going crazy right now.”

Janez Klemenčić, SLO (coach)

“Up until 53rd minute we played like we agreed before the match. After that when we were leading with six goals we became prepotent and thought match is over. During whole match and half time we warned players that we are playing against Germany and that they never surrender.In the end that showed to be true. We simply shouldn’t have done what we did in last minutes. Everyone just waited for match to be over instead of playing until the end and winning with five, six goal difference. I have to congratulate to Germany, they deserved to win. Now we can only cry but this is sport.”

Mark Ferjan, SLO (player)

“We started off really good, first half was good and than a bit worse in second. We were leading with six goals, had chance to score one more but we didn’t, somehow we couldn’t do it. For myself I’m really happy that I everything was on its place. We played good defense. But in extra time we started to fall. We weren’t good in attack, in defense we did not stop them and we got easy goals. In the end because of all that we lost.”

Bronze medal match

Germany – Slovenija 32:31 (9:12, 22:22, 26:26)

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