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Second win for Russia against Norway

Russia clinched their second win of the tournament. Today they were better than Norwegians in Intermediate Round. Result was 27:24 (15:14) Russia was in change of first half after they had great start in the match. They were constantly leading with two or three goals. Norway was fighting hard to …

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First win for Poland

Intermediate round in Koprivnica was opened with the match between Czech Republic and Poland, two teams without any point from the group stage. In the first part the lead was on Polish side and they had 6:4 advantage. But Czech goalkeeper Marek Stefanic saved few important shots and helped the …

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Serbia with two points after winning Iceland

Iceland and Serbia opened the main round in Koprivnica highly motivated, both with the same goal – to win two points. As the first half was ending, the team of Serbia was more confident, counting less mistakes than the team of Iceland, what helped them to finish the half time …

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Croatia and Sweden finished with a tie

Croatia faced Sweden in the last match of the day, deciding the fate of two teams: Sweden and Iceland. The Croats opened the  match on the best possible way, leaving Sweden without scoring for the first seven minutes. Markus Thorbjorn broke the the home defence and scored for 1:3. However, the …

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Norway and Switzerland draw after amazing second half

Norway and Switzerland drew in last match of the group stage in Zagreb. It was a  23:23 (16:14). Switzerland started better and were leading at the beginning. However, Norway started to play better and faster which allowed them to score more and take the lead. They were leading with three …

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France wins Group A derby against Spain

Battle for first place in group B went to French side who won over Spain 29:27 (13:12). Super exciting and equal match between Spain and France. Excellent play by both teams, especially in defense. Goalkeepers had great day as well so match was mostly played goal for goal. Several times …

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